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Memorable Culinary Experiences for Your Teams

Charcuterie Board Workshops

Create your own stunning charcuterie boards with our hands-on workshops, where you'll learn the art of arranging delicious meats, cheeses, and accompaniments. Perfect for food enthusiasts of all skill levels, our classes provide expert tips and tricks to impress your guests. Join us for a fun, interactive experience and take your culinary presentations to the next level!

Guided by our Red Seal Chef

Discover the art of charcuterie at Olive & Fig's interactive workshops, where you'll learn to craft exquisite boards featuring premium meats, cheeses, and fresh accompaniments. Guided by expert instructors, these classes offer hands-on experience and creative tips to elevate your entertaining skills.

Personalized Boards to Keep!

Each participant will craft their own personalized board, perfect for impressing guests or enjoying a gourmet treat at home. Take home your custom creation and elevate your culinary skills with tips and techniques from our experienced instructors.

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