Indulge in Toronto's Finest Summer Delights: Our Top 5 Seasonal Products for your next gathering

Hey there, foodies and charcuterie enthusiasts! Are you ready to elevate your summer gatherings with a touch of luxury? We got you.

As the sunny days roll in, we've handpicked our favourite seasonal products that will tantalize your taste buds and impress your guests. Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure like no other!

Summer Breeze Prosciutto:

Let's kick things off with a classic summer staple – Prosciutto. This delicate, melt-in-your-mouth cured meat is carefully handcrafted using traditional Italian methods. Each slice is adorned with a subtle, aromatic breeze of herbs and spices, perfectly capturing the essence of a sun-kissed summer day. It's the perfect centrepiece for a charcuterie board that will transport you straight to the Mediterranean shores. Enjoy this when you order our Olive & Fig board.


Our Charcuterie Boats always featuring our prosciutto. 


Summer Love Goat Cheese:

Nothing says summer like the creamy decadence of Olive & Fig Co.'s Summer Love Goat Cheese. This velvety goat cheese is enriched with hints of sun-drenched herbs and delicate floral notes. Spread it on freshly baked baguettes, or foccacia, or crumble it over a salad to add a touch of luxury to your seasonal feasts. It's a culinary romance waiting to unfold on your plate.

Our Honey & Brie that is serves with 20 speciality cheeses.

Focaccia Delight

If you're looking for a mouthwatering accompaniment to your summer charcuterie spread, Olive & Fig Co.'s Focaccia Delight is a must-try. This housemade marvel is a culinary masterpiece that combines the softness of freshly baked bread with the aromatic flavours of Mediterranean herbs and extra-virgin olive oil. Each bite offers a delightful interplay of textures and tastes, from the crisp crust to the tender, herb-infused interior. Tear off a piece, top it with your favourite cured meats and cheeses, and let the flavours transport you to sun-drenched Italian coastal towns.

Our delicious focaccia sandwiches now come in 4 variations.

Try our focaccia sandwiches at your next summer get together

Figlicious Jam:

What's a charcuterie spread without a touch of sweetness? Indulge in the rich and delightful flavours of Olive & Fig Co.'s Figlicious Jam, lovingly crafted with ripe, succulent figs. This housemade creation strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and earthiness, making it a must-have addition to your summer charcuterie board. Spread it on artisanal crackers or pair it with aged cheeses for an unforgettable taste experience. Let the lusciousness of figs transport you to a Mediterranean paradise with every bite.

Our homemade jam always comes with any board.

Rosewood Honeycomb:

As the sun sets on a warm summer evening, embrace the golden sweetness of Olive & Fig Co.'s Honey Bliss Honeycomb. Sourced from local apiaries, this delectable treat is a true testament to the bountiful flavours of the season. Each delicate hexagonal cell bursts with the purest, raw honey, capturing the essence of summer in every bite. Pair it with a selection of artisanal cheeses or drizzle it over a slice of crusty bread to savour the natural goodness that nature has to offer.

The Rosewood Honey up close.

For another touch of sweetness, try our new, Floral Brownies.

How incredible do these look?

Indulge in the finest flavours of the summer season with Olive & Fig Co.'s carefully curated selection of summer delights.

From the delicate Summer Breeze Prosciutto to the velvety Summer Love Goat Cheese, each product is a testament to our passion for culinary excellence. Don't forget to savour the Figlicious Jam's rich sweetness and experience the golden bliss of our locally sourced Rosewood Honeycomb.

And for the perfect pairing, treat yourself to the homemade Focaccia Delight, a true masterpiece of Mediterranean flavours.

Elevate your summer gatherings with these luxurious seasonal products, and let Olive & Fig Co. be your culinary companion for an unforgettable experience.

Together, we graze.


Olive & Fig

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