Our Story

Founder and Grazing Stylist

/oʊˈlɪvi.ə/ - derived from Latin oliva meaning olive; symbol of peace

Olive & Fig came alive via my love for cheese, cured meats and bringing people together. I attest this love to growing up in a Greek household where olives, cheese, and bread were staples of every meal. My family was always entertaining and took pleasure in feeding others (insisting they continue to eat even if full - talking to you my lovely grandmothers!) It was only natural that I follow my true passion for food, the love for sharing it with others and creating beautiful, memorable experiences.

In addition to personally sourcing fresh and quality ingredients focused on local small businesses, I pride myself on my attention to detail, keen visualization skills as well as my inherent desire to ensure everyone is happy. We will always work together to make your grazing visions come to life!



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