Grazing Tables

Do you have a minimum guest count for your grazing tables? 

Due to the amount of food required to create a grazing table effect and with food waste in mind, we recommend our grazing tables for a minimum guest count of 50 people. 

Please keep in mind that our tables are intended for "grazing" and not a meal substitution. (e.g. y/our favourite part of a wedding - the antipasto bar vs the sit-down dinner). 

What is included on your grazing tables? 

Our standard offering includes specialty cheeses, cured meats, artisan breads & crackers, grapes & seasonal fruit, vegetables & dips, and jams & honeycomb. 

We pride ourselves in selecting high-quality cheeses and meats that cannot be found in big-box grocery stores. We work with local markets as often as we can and personally source every item. 

The volume of food is based upon guest count. If you will have additional food, please let us know and we will recommend the best table size for your event. 

In addition to all food, we include the loan of our grazing decor, complete set-up 2-3 hours before your event and florals to coordinate with your event. 

Can you include warm food on your grazing tables? 

We are unable to accommodate warm food on our grazing tables, but would be able to offer add-on items such as grilled vegetables, sandwiches, shrimp and others at an additional cost. Please reach out to us with your requests. 

Does Olive & Fig provide a table as part of the grazing table set-up? 

The host is required to provide their own table for grazing table set-up. 

Do you require a deposit for your grazing tables?

To secure your date, full payment is required. 

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